We feed PEN PALS feed exclusively.
THANK YOU ADM/PEN PALS for Hannah's scholarship for
college. It was greatly appreciated
Welcome to Hannah's Bunny Barn. We are a family
run rabbitry, owned by Alan, Chris, and Hannah
Worthington. We are located in West Lafayette, Ohio.
We are currently raising
Havanas and Netherland Dwarfs.
We are members of the American Rabbit
Breeders Association and the Havana Rabbit Breeders. We
are very active in the Coshocton County
4-H Rabbit Program.
Please feel free to view our site
and check back often.
Last Update: M
arch 18, 2013

Marietta, OH-- October 6th
Akron, OH-- October 7th
Dover, OH-- October 21st
Zanesville, OH--
Members of :
Coshocton County 4-H
Havana Rabbit Breeders
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Hannah's Bunny Barn
Bunny Boot Camp